Posted by: Red Souldier | March 3, 2009

Dawn Yang @ MAXIM (Singapore Magz)

Name: Dawn Yang
Country: United States
State: New York
Metro: New York City
Gender: Female

Interests: travelling the world / asian food / racing / go-karting/ good films / good reads / satire / taking pics / events / desserts n pastries / bargain shopping / God / new experiences / mahjong / scrabble / boardgames/ design / mysteries n e paranormal / good ole-fashioned love / cooking, or at least trying to
Expertise: procrastinating / sleeping / eating / daytona / sussing out pretty gals / optimism / forgetting names / getting my cellphone n camera stolen


her blog

Barbie doll looks a like, she is very pretty. I heard she had plastic surgery for her face. But I like it, she is very cute, charming and HOT. Look at the body 🙂

Maxim Singapore Cover Girls May 07



  1. pada mau tumpah her….

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