Hello world, ehm ehm, test test. Wow I finally I writing blog of my self.  I Can’t believe it myself. hehe. At first I never thought to write blog, But I change my mind. Why? Because I want to make some useful blog for my self and maybe can be useful for others who needed. Sory for my crap english, eventhough I’m learning english for almost 6 years, still my english still sucks.

Living in the side of the city called jakarta in Indonesia region. Most of you guys from west country might not know where the hell is Jakarta, well I bet u know Bali right. Ehm, Bali is actually part of Indonesia hehe.

Im writing in english not because I want to show off or something like that, It is because I want to make this blog readable by everyone in this earth planet. Some of my article maybe in Indonesia some in English.

In this blog Im going to write about programming, kind of trouble and solution that I found while im working with my programming project. And also im going to write other information that might useful for people who might needed. (Well who knows) hehe.

But most importantly Im not going to write about my heart feelling. daaaa!!! I like to keep my privacy for my self heheheh.

Feel free to contact me at redsouljaz@yahoo.com. Dont crap on me okey if you dont like this article, just leave some nice comment hehehhee. I hate crap.

Enjoy, best regards



  1. Worth trying dude!

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